Be the light you want to see in others!

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be the light you want to see in others!
There are moments in life when you feel like you’re overwhelmed, angry and full of grief and pain and you feel stuck, you worry and can’t sleep at night, nothing is working and you wish that your finances or your health or your relationships got better or that you can finally feel free and happy and joyful and energetic again…

But you just can’t. Then you feel depressed and you’re disappointed in yourself because you’re going through these vicious circles with the same reacting patterns that make you ill. Life gets in the way with all its distractions, you're overwhelmed and you don’t know how to get off that carrousel.

I’ve had this many times in my life and this is what brought me to this place. I needed to take care of my self first, then I wanted to support my family and friends and now I’m giving this gift of energetic support and counseling on onto others that seek me.

So maybe that’s why you found me because you are at this spot in your life right now seeking for a solution to your problem which might be on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial level etc.

Let me help you my friend, with all the wisdom, and the modalities that I have learned and practised over the past ten years and more of working on myself, and gaining understanding of who we really are and what our purpose is on this planet.

We really are light beings and our purpose is to bring more light, love, peace, understanding, and joy onto the Earth, to help each other and grow together and be able to actually fulfill all these dreams that are in us, that we have forgotten of, or we thought we’re not really worthy of.

So whatever it is you are seeking for, please feel free to contact me and we can choose together the best path for you, because each one of us is an individual, and each one of us has his special path to follow.

Life is a journey. The healing process is a journey of discovering yourself, and going through your pain and trauma and releasing everything that is holding you back, that is building up blocks in your energy field keeping you stuck in your old patterns and expectations and limitations of any kind.

Always trust that you are guided and supported by the Divine Source

feel free and happy, joyful and energetic again!

But please always trust that you are guided and supported by the Divine Source. So let’s break free from the 3-D matrix subconscious programming! All my modalities support you in:

releasing energetic blockages of any kind (also from past lives, from your chakras, organs, etc.) and regain your inner balance/health (Reconnective Healing, Sacred Activations through 'Medical Intuitive' and 'Timelines and Parallels', Sirius Symphonies of Love and Light, Inner Child Healing, Soul Realignment),
gently processing conscious and unconscious traumas (Inner Child Healing, Sacred Activations, Reconnective Healing)
restoring your original soul blueprint, (re)discover your (hidden) talents and realize your potential (Soul Realignment),
achieving financial abundance and consciously manifest your desires (Soul Realignment and the Creation Matrix), and
restoring energetic harmony in your body, relationships, home and workplace (Soul Realignment with the energetic release of karma, implants, negative influences, including lost souls, open portals, curses, vows, compulsions, soul contracts, etc.).

All changes are brought about through interaction with energy from Divine Source, for which I am merely a catalyst.

How does it work?
Everything is energy, light and information and everything is interconnected and influences each other, consciously or unconsciously. The high vibrational frequencies of the energy in the sessions increase the vibrations in your energy field (aura and in your cells) and thus ignite the self-healing process for you.

This may be followed by a brief healing crisis in which low frequency energies are released from your body, sometimes causing pain or discomfort. Please do NOT take this as a worsening of your condition, it is a sign that the self-healing process is underway. The energy does not address the symptoms, i.e. diseases, but their CAUSE(S).

Invite the magic in!

Please feel free to contact me using he contact form below for a FREE Zoom counseling meeting in which we can get to know each other and choose the most appropriate method for your inquiry.

Important notice on the treatments

The care for your health is your responsibility.
Approved Reconnective Healing® practitioners such as reconnect2light georgiana bacaianu make no representations, promises or guarantees and do not diagnose or treat specific health problems. Likewise, they cannot, may not and do not want to replace the work of a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist.

Therefore, ongoing treatment should not be interrupted or canceled, nor should future treatment that is necessary be postponed or omitted entirely. The responsibility lies entirely with the client. No promises of healing are made. The client is solely responsible for his or her medical condition, diagnosis, medical treatment and care.

Contact me!

Love and Light!
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